The creators of the Mishpacha Jr. Entertainment Phone Hotline and Mind Theater Original Productions, who brought you classics like The Emperor’s Secret, Prince of Spain and Heroes, are back and better than ever!

After creating and producing a whole lot of great audio stories and the wildly successful Mishpacha Jr. entertainment hotline for kids, we took a break.

But we could only stay away for so long, since all of those great new story and programming ideas that we kept dreaming up were begging and screaming to come to life – and it was hard to get any sleep with all that screaming.

Ladies and gentlemen, cue the drum roll and trumpets.

We have just launched a brand new podcast called The Great Big Gevaldig Podcast – your home for the very best in original kosher entertainment for kids – and the kid in all of us.

We have lots of original stories, fresh and new shows, fun games and other unique entertainment that will make you say, “Hey, that’s great, big and gevaldig!”

The podcast is jam packed with loads of entertainment:

  • Two stories which run as weekly episodes – we’re currently featuring Not for Sale and The Emperor’s Secret.
  • The Great Big Gevaldig Morning Show – a daily morning show loaded with laughs, fun, music and games hosted by two characters that many of you may just recognize.
  • Motzoei Shabbos of Shabbos HaGadol, will be the premiere of a weekly wacky game show called The Great Big Gevaldig Game Show.   

You can find the podcast on your favorite podcast players – iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Podbean and Google Podcasts or on our website.

Best of all, it’s not only great, big and gevaldig… it’s FREE!