Ever since its launch just a few months ago, Jewish Podcasts has been growing by leaps and bounds, with new shows signing on every week.

Committed to helping content creators and Torah educators share their content with the world using 21st century technology, Jewish Podcasts offers an affordable way for anyone to quickly create a show, upload their content, and get it syndicated on the biggest podcast platforms.

You can quickly find your content on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and many more platforms. Below are some of the top podcasts that have recently joined the podcast. Click the links to start listening, or click here to start your own show.

Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Wein, Jewish historian, author and international lecturer, brings a unique outlook to the study of the weekly Torah portion and Jewish history.

Toras Avigdor

Toras Avigdor was founded with the goal of spreading Rav Miller’s Torah and Hashkafos. We hope you soak up the enormous chochma of the Rav and make it part of you.

Rabbi Bentzion Shafier is the founder of theshmuz.com, author of the books Stop Surviving and Start Living, Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate, The Torah Lifestyle and Two Minutes to Bitachon.

He is also the man behind the Shmuz itself, a forty-five minute weekly shiur that has been loved around the globe for over ten years.

Jewish Bedtime Stories

The stories featured here have been told to precious students over the years. Children (and adults) seem to learn better by example than by being told.

When hearing a story of noble deeds, one may try to emulate their example. When hearing of miracles Hashem made, it strengthens our trust in Him. Much effort has been placed into emphasizing the positive lessons within each story. All stories are taken from authentic sources.

Ask Rabbi Miller

Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s eye-opening, thought-provoking answers to wide-ranging questions from the audience at his legendary Thursday night lecture.

This is the actual Q&A session from a single lecture. Published by Simchas Hachaim Publishing (SHP), the official publisher of Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s books and lectures.

Are Your Hands Full?

Dr. S. Yaroslawitz, DSc OTR/L directs Hands Full, Inc., an occupational therapy practice that has offices in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Monsey, N.Y. The practices provide occupational therapy for children, adolescents and adults and focus on a myriad of treatment techniques.

Besides direct care, Dr. Yaroslawitz teaches behavior management courses to parents, teachers, school principals and clinicians to empower their management skills in the area of children’s behavior and development. She has authored both the books and audio books titled, “Are Your Hands Full”, Volumes I and II, which are step-by-step guides for the behavior management of children ages 0 – 10 and adolescents ages 10 -18.


Rabbi Wiesenfeld

Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld is theRosh Yeshiva Beis Dovid, author of the popular Kashrus in the Kitchen and Pocket Halacha Series, Rov and Posek of the Kav Halacha Beis Hora’ah.

A sought after speaker in the UK, USA and Israel, his powerful hashkafa shiurim, practical halachic slideshows, along with his energy and passion is infectious.


Rabbi Palacci

Rabbi Palacci’s enthusiastic nature and passion for learning and educating is the perfect way to get inspired today.


Our generation’s spiritual and philosophical quests are of a totally different genre than their predecessors. Our youth are  ambitious, honest and craving a  meaningful  experience, yet lack the time  and patience needed to  acquire deep and  comprehensive knowledge.

Each episode highlights how the Unity of Hashem connects  everyone to core truths which provide the clarity  we need to live with wisdom and in joy.


Jewish History with Rabbi Dovid Katz

Rabbi Dovid Katz, PhD is lauded for his extensive knowledge of Jewish History, his engaging and insightful lecture series, and eye opening historical international tours.

Follow him weekly. New content released on Saturday nights, Wednesday (Personalities in Jewish History), & Friday (Perspective on the Parshah).


Living Torah with Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron

Jewish foundational concepts with Kabbalistic ideas and messages.

Understanding not just what we need to do, but why we need to do it.

Deep understanding of the stories in Tanach, using evidence-based concepts combined with Torah ideas to prove Torah’s divinity.

Realizing the falsehood of man-made religions through in-depth discussions of Jewish themes such as Mashiach, Self Esteem, Self Improvement, Validity of the written Torah and Oral Law.


Virtual Yeshiva with Rabbi Shay Tahan

Rabbi Shay Tahan runs a very busy Bet Horaha where he helps people with their halachic questions via phone, text,emails or other means, he is very experienced and familiar in the world of halacha.

He learned in the prestigious yeshiva of Beit Shmaya and in Kiryat Malachi located in Eretz Yisrael. In addition, Rabbi Tahan has a radio show on JRoot radio every Friday where people can call you their Halacha questions and are answered live on the air, and every morning on Kol Barama a 5 minutes Halacha three times a day right after the eight o’clock, nine o’clock, and ten o’clock news.

Rabbi Tahan leads the Shaarei Ezra Kollel at the central Bnei Yosef shul at Ave P and Ocean Pkwy in Brooklyn, and the Sephardic Marine Park shul in Brooklyn. Rabbi Tahan appoints rabbis and sofrim who went through his system in the kollel.


Welcome to the Great Jewish Podcast! Rabbi Moshe Bamberger, a sought after public speaker, is the Mashgiach Ruchani of Beis Medrash L’Talmud/ Lander College for Men in New York City.

He has authored several volumes of original commentary on Tanach, titled Shiras HaLevi, as well as a highly acclaimed series for Artscroll/ Mesorah Publications, including his newest additions, Great Jewish Classics and Great Jewish Photographs.

Rabbi Bamberger’s signatures talks, in which he weaves profound thought, warm inspiration, and fascinating Jewish history into one seamless entity, has earned him an international online following.

Beezrat Hashem with Rabbi Yaron Rueven

Born in Netanya, Israel, Rabbi Yaron Reuven began his American Dream as a little boy, when his family immigrated to the United States. He went from a newspaper boy at the age of 10, to a well known self made Wall Street multimillionaire by the age of 23.

At age 26 he faced a 7-year battle for his life when a simple surgery went wrong. From that moment his life would never be the same. This moment marked the start of a series of miraculous events and an exciting pursuit of truth, ultimately resulting in Rabbi Reuven renouncing his lofty position and success in Wall Street, after 16 years, to become a full time kiruv rabbi. His Teshuva story is sure to catch the heart of every listener.​

Rabbi Reuven’s shiurim are in English and Hebrew. His classes are focused on spreading the truth and divinity of the Torah through scientific proofs, mussar, and many other methods to reach each individual listener.