Podcasts are the latest trend in the digital content world, growing in popularity year after year. Instead of requiring audio to be downloaded, all forms of content can be streamed directly to people’s devices for them to listen to – wherever or whenever they prefer.

This unprecedented accessibility to quality content provides a valuable opportunity to organizations looking to expand their influence and interact regularly with their community.

  • Here are some ways you can use a podcast:
    To publicize your Rabbi – no one gives a shiur like your shul’s Rabbi, why deny the world his articulate words of wisdom? A podcast can help you spread the word and get your Rabbi the recognition he deserves.
  • To stay connected on the go – congregants are always traveling, or have unexpected events come up that have them miss a class. Make that daf yomi or parsha class available to all, no matter their location or circumstances by adding it to a podcast.
  • As a fundraising tool – people give more after they’ve received. You can use a podcast to build a community of dedicated followers who believe in your content and support your mission. When it comes time to making an ask, you can insert ads into the content itself reminding them that you need their support. Including relevant messaging within your podcast’s content can be a powerful way to reach people when they are most open to give.

Sponsoring a podcast for your community is a simple yet powerful way to create a platform that can maximize the reach and fundraising potential of your community as a whole – it’s the gift of continued giving.

At the Jewish Podcasts, we make the process of creating and promoting your podcast easy, helping you with maintaining, monitoring and monetizing your content. Our easy to use platform makes it easy to upload new episodes; get them syndicated on all the major podcast platforms including iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more; and viewing analytics and advertising data.

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